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Gotham Begins

Gotham Begins
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Gotham Begins
(a roleplaying community based loosely on "Batman Begins")

(We'll have a description here soon, promise!)

The Moderators:
twitchnosewitch Rosemary Sage, perfectly passable witch and morale-maintainer at Arkham Asylum
batman_begins_The Dark Knight himself (like anyone's surprised...)

(these will be expanded soon)
1. No fighting over characters. First-come, first-served and all that. If a character is claimed but not seen for a month (without prior warning of a long absense) they'll be up for grabs again.

2. The mods don't want to get involved, so please don't start fights.

3. People CAN be hurt, but only with their mun's consent.
3b. If you're going to involve your character in a fight, they WILL get hit at least once. Nobody can dodge everything, not even Batman.

4. The following things go behind cuts: adult situations, violence, gore (this includes graphic medical stuff), OOC talk.

5. Yes, you're allowed to post OOC here to plot things ahead of time. Try to limit the number of OOC threads, however, and make sure it's behind a cut.