July 24th, 2005

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*In the middle of the night, Alisa sits on her bed. Watching the walls, and the faint pattern of the outside shadows that play upon them. Eventually, she moves to turn on her light, to her table, to write a letter. Left on her bed, with the sheets carefully tucked in, made up as if to deny her existance within Arkham's embrace.*

To Rosie, Doctor Crane, Ted.

Thank you for trying to help - I've been thinking about things, and I've got more ideas on what's wrong - and why I can't sleep. I don't think I'm ready to share them, though - but I will, someday, if you want to hear.

For now, though - Paragon calls. I have to get back there - I remember it's scent, it's sight - and it draws me back, and promises answers that I can't find within these walls.

I promise, that if things change, and I need the help that you three can provide, I'll return. In the daytime. Through the front door.

Well wishes, and may you always remember good things,

Alisa McMillian - Rememberance

*With that, the gloves she wears hum into life. Her hands pull her goggles over her eyes, and she opens them wide, remembering the outside air, and the view from the Gotham bridge from those weeks before. A flash of light opens before her, a portal - and she steps through to the place that memory describes, vanishing from Arkham.*

((Thanks for letting me scene with you folks. Hope your community goes well!))
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